Maitland Physie tagline.png


To make life-long Physie friendships.

To be kind and understanding to your Physie mates.

To make friendships with other Physie girls from different clubs.


To show respect to teachers, your classmates, and the wider Maitland Physie community.

To show respect to the syllabus and to the wider BJP community.

To show respect by being ready to start class on time.

To show respect by listening to your teachers and participating in all class activities.


We encourage good practices in class through focus, commitment, and learning.

We encourage good behaviour and safe dance practices at all classes and at all competitions.

We encourage attending class each week to reach your full potential.

We encourage you to reach your life goals.


Always doing your best at each lesson and competition.

Working hard for yourself, your team, and your club.

Showing good sportsmanship in each class and at each competition.

Behaving in an a appropriate manner at all times.


Though Friendship, Respect, Encouragement and Excellence we will grow.