Frequently Asked Questions

What is Physie? Physie (or Physical Culture) is a fusion of dance and sport. It combines dance styles such as jazz, ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, aerobic exercise and even yoga to fun, up-beat pop music.

Is Physie for me? Physie is a sport for all ages, from 3 to 73! The benefits of Physie are increased coordination, flexibility, and self-confidence. Physie is a sport for life!

How much does it cost? We believe Physie should be accessible to all and thus an inexpensive option as compared to other dance sports. Please see "Our Fees" in the About section of the website for more information.

Can you try before you sign up? Yes. The first two lessons are free.

What is my age group? Age groups are determined based on your age on the 31st August. For example, if you turn 9 on or before the 31st August, your class/competing age is 9. If you turn 9 on September 1st or later, your class/competing age is 8.

What do I wear to class? Fitted clothes that allow ease of movement. Tights and singlet top, or leotard, are ideal so teachers are better able to see correct positions and posture.

How big are the classes? There is no set number of students per class. We aim to keep the number of students per teacher to a relatively constant ratio.

Am I free to leave while my daughter is in class? Yes. We just ask that you drop-off and pick-up your daughter within the hall.

Can I watch my daughter? We will have Open classes at the beginning and end of each Term for parents to attend. We encourage you to attend, as these classes are a great way to see how much your daughter has progressed.

Are there performances? Yes. There are performances throughout the year, including club competitions (mid-year and October), as well as Interclub and Zone competitions.

Do I have to compete? Competitions are not compulsory. However, we encourage you to participate in all aspects of the sport. These competitions help build confidence, resilience, club spirit, and friendships in our girls and ladies, both as individuals and as part of a team.

Do I need expensive costumes to compete? No. All you need is a BJP-approved leotard, a ribbon for your hair, and a winning smile!